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Loveline Golden Retrievers

Our Breeding Philosophy

Beginning at birth, our puppies are nurtured, socialized and trained to become well adjusted, functional members of your household

Our adult dogs join our breeding party once they have been screened for potential health issues, display conformity to the breed standard, and display their skills and intelligence through training and service

Through our Goldens, God has taught us much about His love and His character which we love to share with others


20 +

years of experience

200 +

Healthy Puppies


All Positive Trainers


happy families

About Us

  • Our Story

  • Our Family Tree

  • Golden Highlights

  • Cold Nose College

Loveline had its origin in the heart of a little girl over 40 years ago when she received a puppy of her own to care for and love. Thus began an inseparable relationship, a deep love for dogs, and a clearer understanding of the meaning of unconditional love, as well as a desire to share that love with others

Loveline Golden Retrievers' home is located on a family farm between Douglasville and Villa Rica, GA . Our dogs have access to approximately 100 acres to spend running through pastureland, woods, fields, and creeks. Each dog also is trained in a dog sport, work or service that is suitable for its temperament and skill set.

  • Handsome and proportioned

  • Soft, golden coat

  • Friendly and fun

  • Lively and energetic

  • Loyal and obedient

  • Easily trained

  • Sometimes hyperactive

Cold Nose College is an optional training program that we offer to all of our new Loveline puppy families. Previously known as Puppy Academy, Cold Nose College takes your untamed 9-16 week old Golden puppy and gives you back a completely trained delightful companion with no mess in your home and no disruption to your life. The puppies are trained in basic obedience, basic puppy manners and home etiquette, including house training, crate training, polite leash walking and socialization.

what our clients say


Lindsay Wood

By far the best breeder you will ever find. I cannot say enough good things about Melanie and Loveline. Melanie is a phenomenal breeder and trainer and truly cares for her dogs. The Loveline dogs are top notch; they're beautiful and have perfect golden temperaments. (I get compliments on mine all the time, and even my veterinarian wants his next dog to be a Loveline golden.) Melanie will work to match you with the right puppy and will stay connected if you ever need anything. She encourages training and finding your dog's purpose, and she does a great job of that with her goldens. I highly recommend Loveline and will never get a golden anywhere else

Daniel Chiles

"Carly really came to us with a great training foundation thanks to Loveline. We kept up with the training and she quickly pick up a few new "tricks". I like that Carly is very focused on my Wife and I. We don't have to worry about her running away when she is off leash in the park. She doesn't want to go far without us. She has the perfect temperament with our baby daughter - it's almost like she understands that she is just a baby and that she must be very careful and loving around her. She is just a very sweet dog. Thank you again for this sweet puppy."

Stephanie Stinn

I have Google to thank for helping me find Melanie and the LoveLine family. We lost our sweet Golden girl to kidney failure and knew we would be ready for another Golden soon. I searched around on Google and found myself on the LoveLine website, starting at photos of Hobby. Right then and there, I knew I found the right place! We wanted to work with a breeder because we really wanted to have a partner in this entire process. After losing two dogs to genetic health conditions, we made it a priority to get to know our breeder's philosophy on raising healthy, happy dogs. I saw Melanie's commitment to raising healthy, happy dogs shine through in her first email conversation with me where she wanted to know as much about our family as we wanted to know about her Goldens. She's very responsible with her dogs. I love that she wants these dogs to go homes where they are respected and made a priority — as they should be! I really appreciate the effort Melanie took to place the right puppies with the right families. She took into consideration our lifestyle and paired us with the exact right puppy for our lives. She is thoughtful in all aspects when it comes to her Goldens, whether they are part of her permanent pack or puppies she will share with others. Not only are LoveLine puppies beautiful (and cute and fuzzy), but they are whip-smart and quick learners.

We had our puppy stay with Melanie to complete Cold Nose College — which was one of my best pet investments ever made! Each week he was there, I saw very obvious improvements in Sebastian's behavior, potty training and attention span. And, Melanie helped to train me in effectively managing my dog so that we both meet each other's expectations.  Never forget that LoveLine puppies are born to working dogs and Cold Nose College helps your puppy prepare for their job in your family! Sebastian is such a sweet, perceptive and confident puppy. He's also silly, confused by his tail and always smiling. People compliment us on how handsome and smart he is. I give all the credit to Melanie, Chece and Rey. They did all the hard and good work!


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