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“At LoveLine Golden Retrievers, we strive to breed the healthiest and best natured puppies possible, suitable as pets, or for therapy work, service dog training or any hunting or dog sports, so that every dog will be a long lasting best friend for each home. All LoveLine puppies leave the farm with crate training, potty training, and basic clicker training obedience skills. The puppies are temperament tested and are carefully matched with an appropriate family. With the purchase of any LoveLine puppy or adult dog, we also offer a discount on puppy classes and all future training through Pawsitively Purrfect Pet Concierge.  LoveLine dogs come from top champion lines with generations of health clearances.  The parents are checked by OFA for hip, elbow and heart problems and are screened by CERF for eye problems before breeding them.   Any dogs that we find not suitable for breeding are spayed or neutered and become part of the LoveLine godparents or, are placed in pet homes.

If you are interested in a LoveLine puppy, you can get information about our current litters on our facebook page, for which there is a link on each of the pages of this site.  You can also learn more about the parents of each litter there.  We are constantly updating the facebook page with daily photos and information regarding the status of litters and the training of the puppies and our adult dogs.  We would love to have you as part of the LoveLine family and would appreciate you liking our page.

Goldens are one of the sweetest natured, easy to train, least problematic breed there is.  But they do require lots of exercise, lots of attention and lots of brushing.  They are not a dog you can put in the backyard and throw out some food every day for them.   They are very easy to train, but if you do not train them they can get into trouble or cause you some big headaches.  So you have to be willing to enroll in a puppy class from the beginning and work toward your dog being a Canine Good Citizen! Just as any dog does, Goldens will need to have regular vet visits that do require a small financial commitment from you.  At Loveline Golden Retrievers, we work hard to breed healthy puppies that will not have any crippling diseases or health issues in their adult life.  But still you must be prepared to care for your dog as he has need.

If you are interested in a LoveLine puppy, we do have a required reading list to prepare you and your home for your new puppy.  I am a professional dog trainer and I begin clicker training with each litter of puppies as soon as they are born.  They are clicker savvy, crate trained and paper trained by the time they are 6 weeks.  Then we begin their obedience training; they will be sitting to greet, coming to a hand target for recall, waiting at an entrance and doing some beginning heeling by the time they are 8 weeks.  The required reading materials are to ensure that you continue the same type of training with which your puppy is acquainted .  Dr. Ian Dunbar’s “Before and After You Get Your Puppy” is a great resource for anyone, whether you are a first time puppy owner or an experienced one.  He takes you step by step through the process of choosing the right puppy for your family, preparing your house for your puppy and preventative training for your puppy. The other required reading is any book/DVD on clicker training.  You can find a wealth of information and materials on this type of training at www.clickertraining.com .  We also suggest that you check out the website www.operationsocialization.com to prepare you for the time that you will need to invest in properly socializing your puppy and making sure that it receives the proper behavior vaccinations.

We require that every Loveline puppy be enrolled in some type of puppy manners/socialization class once you have taken your puppy home with you.  We offer a discount on my monthly puppy classes to my Loveline families who live within a reasonable driving distance.  We also offer extended training for those who would like their puppies to be house trained and have passed their Canine Good Citizenship certification before they arrive at their new home.

Feel free to click on the CONTACT US page and let us know your interest in Golden Retrievers, or more specifically, LoveLine Golden Retrievers.  You are welcome to have your named placed on a waiting list for any of our litters without providing a deposit.  If you would like to place a deposit or be placed on our waiting list, please send us an email by clicking on the CONTACT US button and tell us something about your family and your interest in Golden Retrievers.  Or you can call us at 404-309-6233.  We welcome visitors anytime….just call for an appointment.”


Please only place a deposit on one of our litters after corresponding with Melanie Brittain about the availability of puppies.

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