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Agape (deceased 1/20/2013)

Agape de Theos

Greek: God's Unconditional Love
Height at withers: 21 inches
Weight: 65 lbs.
Color: Golden
August 5, 1998 - January 20, 2013

“I knew January 20, 2013 would be the last day for Agape when I let her out of her crate that morning and she did not even want to come out. She did not walk with us. And after she ate her breakfast, I found that she had vomited the little bit that she ate. Agape would have been 15 years old in August of 2013. She was our first Golden. She was my daughter's gift for her 9th birthday. Agape was the epitome of unconditional love, which is the meaning of her name. Agape gave L.veLine our name. Agape gave us our first litter of Golden Retriever puppies, and she gave us our first experience at hand feeding a litter of 9 puppies, because she became very ill with a severe infection after her delivery. And she gave our children, especially my daughter, Hannah, an education that can never be duplicated. The best word that I can find to describe Agape is constant. She was always there for us, for my daughter. She endured whatever life gave her. She loved her tennis ball, but only if you bounced it for her....she never really wanted to run away from us! She was also a very patient therapy dog, giving much joy to the residents at our local nursing home. One of my favorite memories of Agape is when she was a model for a local oil painting class. She sat on her sofa for over 2 hours while the students painted her portrait! Agape will be sorely missed, but she gave us a very long life, full of love and joy, as every Golden should!





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